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Toronto Designer Dieter Huebner's astonishing Milky Way necklace, In this video, Dieter talks about how he came up with the concept.

Dieter Huebner on YouTube - October 2009

"The Nature of Diamonds is full of wonder and opulent with a kind of wretched but enjoyable excessiveness the hand's down winner of this enjoyable excessiveness award being Toronto Designer Dieter Huebner's astonishing Milky Way necklace, a huge platinum grid collar, woven like a challah loaf and strewn with 2,000 diamonds."

Globe & Mail Oct 25, 2008  - Gary Michael Dault

“A few feet away sits the Milky Way necklace, a tubular grid set with 2,000 diamonds and created by Toronto’s Dieter Huebner. “If you have that around your neck, you immediately feel like a queen,” remarked Huebner at the media preview. “I tested it myself and thought, this is how Henry VIII must have felt." Huebner won a De Beers Diamonds International Award for the design in 2000.” Oct 24, 2008 - Bernadette Morra


Canadian designer Dieter Huebner designed the “Milky Way” in collaboration with Brinkhaus Jewelers, winning the DeBeers Diamonds International Award for creative commemoration of the new millennium. Made of exactly 2,000 diamonds set on a platinum frame, the “Milky Way” has an ethereal quality that reflects the majesty of its namesake. “I am captivated by the fire of the diamond,” Mr. Huebner mused.
“By fire, I mean its sparkle, its life, the play of the light and the colors of the rainbow.” Nov 3, 2008 - Leonicka Valcius


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